IT Security FAQs

The need to protect your digital assets and devices is greater than ever, given how hackers keep getting smarter nowadays. Although IT security may seem like an expensive affair, a breach can cost far more. Data and network breaches can jeopardize the health of any small to medium-sized business. Thus comes the need for IT security.

Phishing is a type of cybercrime that targets organizations through phone calls (scams), emails and text messages. However, it is typically practiced through emails and many fall prey to it unknowingly.

In case of an IT security breach through phishing or cyber attacks, companies bear serious consequences. This breach gives hackers access to confidential data that are meant to be private. This sort of breach can help criminal espionage, result in the misuse of private or personal information and use it to disrupt business operations through manipulation.

  • Network Security

Having network security prevents breaches from unauthorized or malicious users from getting into the network of your organization. The right network security solution is designed to monitor internet and intranet traffic and protect the network from malware.

  • Internet Security

Internet security protects critical data and information that is sent and received through various web applications using various browsers. It is designed to monitor incoming and outgoing internet traffic, protecting your devices and network from unauthorized malware using a string of firewalls.

  • Endpoint Security

Endpoint security increases protection for the devices (the endpoint of connections). It is curated to protect your laptops, desktops, cell phones, tablets and other devices used on the office network – both remotely or in-house. Our device management solution keeps your devices secure from unwanted attacks. 


  • Cloud Security

Applications, information and data as a whole are constantly moved to the cloud. Users connecting to the internet use the cloud as a secure, off-device storage system for easy access to documents and files, from across the world. Given the importance of this critical information stored on the cloud, securing it becomes crucial to business continuity. Cloud security solutions specifically cater to the needs of securing the cloud from attacks and infiltration.

  • Application Security

Typically, applications are coded to be as secure as possible, however, application security minimizes applications from vulnerabilities or further attacks from the internet. It is essentially an added layer of security for your applications and data.

IT security solutions prevent threats and malicious attacks from breaching through the internet, intranet or unauthorized devices to make a huge dent in your business operations. It protects access to private or privileged information and grants it to those based on their involvement and clearance level within the organization.

Business Data Backup FAQs

Business data backup consists of having multiple copies of all essential documents, files and data. These copies must be held off the computer, in case of breach, or device failure. It is important that business data is backed up to aid business continuity.

There are numerous advantages of employing business data backup solutions, some are: 

  • Backup is done automatically and multiple times, not manually.
  • The backups are encrypted to protect the privacy of users and organizations.
  • These backups are stored off-site to protect essential data.

There is a significant need for Business Data Backup solutions because even though your critical data is stored in the cloud, they aren’t exempt from threats. It is possible to lose the data owing to accidental deletion. This is especially true, as backup functionality is not included in the services offered by the Microsoft 365 suite or Google Workspace.

Backup solutions are important as they are needed when data is lost – either deleted or compromised by hackers, malware etc. It is possible for all your sharing platforms to lose data, and it is difficult to recover this data.

  • Multiple versioning of files can help retrieve any files. 
  • Data compression reduces the way data is stored and thus the cost of backup, storage and recovery is significantly lesser. 
  • You can retrieve data quicker as the files are compressed for backup. 
  • Only those with the encryption key and password can access the data.

Mirroring copies of files are both stored on hard drives and it is possible for both hard drives ro fail. However, if you need an older version of backed up data, having a business data backup solution can help you recover all the versions required, making our solution essential for business continuity.

Yes, internet usage will increase. However, not by much. Less than 1% of the entire size changes daily, so not much use of internet increases daily.

Managed IT Services FAQs

Managed IT services are one of the best ways modern businesses keep their IT systems secure from malware and threats. Managed IT services help monitor, prevent and report any eminent threats to data security.

There are plenty of benefits of managed IT services, some of which are listed below: 

  • Managed IT services to increase the security of data 
  • It is a cost-effective service
  • Proactive monitoring & fixing issues
  • Provides data compliance support
  • Roadmapping the future IT support plans

Deciding between managed IT services and consulting services can be a hard choice. Both of service experts help determine the right business solution for your company’s future. However, they differ in their ways. A consultant typically walks away after implementation, however, a managed IT service provider supports your IT needs for years. A strategic partnership with the right managed service provider can help your business continuity for years to come.

Each business, both small and medium need to take a proactive approach to managing IT. It helps increase cybersecurity, and productivity, and reduces downtime.

Networking Services FAQs

Computers within a network communicate using the various connection nodes such as routers computers, wireless signals and switching cables. They enable devices to share information in the form of data and other resources. A set and predefined protocol can help define how communications are exchanged. A network utilizes routers and switches to enable these communications.

Network issues need proactive and quick solutions. However, with the quickly evolving technology of today, it is essential to find the best fitting solution based on the type of network.

There are two types of networks:

  • LAN – LAN stands for local area network and it is a network used to connect devices within a short distance for exchanging data. They can be privately managed within offices and schools.

  • WAN – WAN network, on the other hand, is opposite to LAN. It stands for wide area network. This network can span continents and wide areas.

Networking solutions help businesses secure their network and provide smooth traffic to keep productivity levels up. Having a comprehensive network helps link the entire business operations to provide next-level productivity for daily business operations. Information can easily transfer to various devices in use and enhance communication within the team/organization.

  • You can easily migrate existing workloads to the cloud without re-architecting the network altogether.
  • You can easily mirror your complex network infrastructure in the cloud, and streamline the testing and disaster recovery procedure.
  • Provides multiple secure points of entry while using various devices ad cloud-based applications.

Remote Work Solutions FAQs

A working setup and system that increases employee productivity and efficiency while working away from the office, in a remote location is known as remote work solutions. It is designed to enable employees to effectively communicate with your team, and be productive, especially while in a remote working situation.

There are plenty of reasons to equip your business with remote working solutions. Some are: 

  • Helps manage employee/team performance remotely
  • Allows easy call routing
  • Provides a hassle-free working environment
  • Helps businesses scale regardless of time and place
  • Is a secure and reliable source to provide confidentiality of communications and business operations while off-site. 
  • Can be integrated seamlessly
  • Prepares businesses to take on future challenges such as COVID (2019)

Getting remote work solutions plan includes: 

  • Offers a secure remote conferencing platform
  • Allows encrypted file-sharing facility
  • Authentication using VPN with network’s firewall
  • Constant network monitoring to detect and reduce cyber threats
  • Helps spam control
  • Aids content filtering and internal phishing tests

Microsoft 365 Solutions FAQs

Microsoft 365 is a productivity cloud curated to help you run your business with support from applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel which are cloud services. You can also set up a professional email. It also offers storage and file-sharing facilities. You can get your entire team on the same page with Microsoft suite which encourages a smooth and seamless working environment. 

Yes. Microsoft 365 accommodates any professional custom email domain as part of your subscription plan. 

The plan is scaped to accommodate current requirements, and given the change in requirements over time, you are able to easily upgrade your business plans with Microsoft 365 solutions. Our strategic partnership can help you scale your business according to your ever-growing and ever-advancing technological needs. 

All your business data is yours. In case of cancellation of subscription – we help you download and offload your data to your cloud-storage plans and keep critical data secure. 

Each Microsoft service and support comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee and definitely worth changing from your previous cloud-based productivity service provider. 

Hosted Business Phone System FAQs

Hosted business phone system basically has three basic uses: 

  • Helps businesses direct and manage calls
  • Helps businesses make calls to customers
  • Helps optimize business communications internally and externally

These are the basic features of any hosted business phone system.

  • The easy installation process
  • It is cost-effective
  • It’s a unified communication platform
  • Can be used by remote teams too 
  • Helps scale businesses 
  • It’s a secure system for businesses

Business phone system has rapidly improved and increases the quality of your business calls as opposed to the traditional phone system. However, a number of other factors such as – network congestion or configuration issues can have an effect on the quality of the calls. 

With a business phone system, you can enjoy more features that were available on landlines/ traditional phone systems. Some of these features are more efficient on VoIP than landline. In fact, most features that a hosted phone system has is simply not available on a traditional phone setup. 

It is possible to port your current company number to the new hosted phone system. This decreases the level of discrepancy and provides a smooth transition to the new phone system. 

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