Fix Internal System Gaps With An IT Assessment


fix internal system gaps

Technology can bring many competitive advantages to any organization if selected correctly. However, its selection process is one of the most challenging and decisive choices businesses face. All the processes that are done inside a business are deeply related to the tech assets available, so it’s crucial that technology and corporate objectives go hand in hand. 
Having an IT assessment done prior to the technology adoption reduces the risk of ineffective investment decisions. Therefore, an expert service provider can advise you on industry best practices and assist you in developing a long-term plan. Let’s look at some of the ways an IT Assessment might benefit your company

Knowing your system

The only way to know your system’s strengths and weaknesses is by taking the time to review it. Hopefully, you don’t have to do this, that’s our job and duty to help you.  
The first step in improving the operation of your network is to figure out what is and isn’t working. This is possible through managed network services. Removing software and services that are wasting resources is necessary to focus more on what is helping your company satisfy client requests. That way you give a better use of time and money and get better results in the long run. 

Spot vulnerabilities 

By conducting an IT evaluation, we will be able to identify the inefficiencies and possible threats or risks that your business is exposed to.  Once identified, the next step is to review and understand the potential impact they can have and the probability of occurrence.  
Then, the data collected will show what are the high-impact, high-probability risks to focus available resources to resolve them, in the first place, and then work your way down to the threats that are less likely and that suppose less damage. 

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Complying with legal requirements 

Most organizations must comply with the privacy and data security requirements of various regulations. Any company that does business with Canadian residents, should regularly evaluate their risk to comply with the regulations established by the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity.  

Companies that need to comply with consumer privacy standards, like accounting or financial services firms, can benefit from an IT assessment, in order to assure these security regulations are met. Any of these professional service firms must comply with the PIPEDA in order to avoid costly legal implications.

Reducing IT costs

By recognizing what isn’t working, you may simplify your systems and processes to cut IT costs. New software with sophisticated capabilities can free up resources that could be better assigned to another department in the ever-changing IT environment or automate repetitive tasks. 

Long-term planning

As mentioned before, information technology is a field that benefits from a long-term strategy that includes specific goals and a defined schedule for achieving them. Even if you currently have an in-house IT staff, you might benefit from an outside perspective when it comes to disaster recovery, business continuity, and long-term goals.When it comes to developing your data backup strategy, you’ll want to consult with an expert.

Keep endpoints secure

Endpoint security, why is it important? This question is particularly relevant for small businesses, as they face an ever-growing number of cyber threats. With a multitude of devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets connecting to their networks, the risk of cyberattacks increases exponentially.

Endpoint security plays a vital role in securing these devices and ensuring compliance with the company’s security policies. This protection helps prevent unauthorized access, malware infections, and data breaches. By prioritizing endpoint security, small businesses can safeguard their valuable information, preserve customer trust, and avoid the financial and reputational damage that cyber incidents can cause.

In essence, endpoint security is crucial for small businesses as it establishes a robust defense against cyber threats, protecting their assets and facilitating smooth operations.

How we helped a small firm save 42K per year in lost revenue 

In case you’re still wondering if conducting an IT assessment may be beneficial for your business, check out the following article where we saved a small accounting firm 42k in lost revenue by helping them to apply smart technology solutions to their day-to-day processes. 
The following article is featured in the Mississauga Board of Trade’s Connect magazine, summer 2021 edition, page 44.  

MBOT magazine article
Mississauga Board of Trade’s Connect magazine, Summer 2021 edition, page 44.  

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We all live busy lives and keeping up with every client’s demand can be overwhelming. But if you let all these problems drive your agenda, you may end up disconnecting your attention to what really matters, YOUR business needs, and what happens inside of it.  
The story we mentioned above is just an example of how giving the right attention to what seemed to be a lighthearted problem, had a huge impact on the long-term revenue of that company. 
There is always room for improvement. Curious as to where your business stands or need a second opinion? Request a quote to assess your business’ internal systems and start winning today!.

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