Learn How to Change the Background in Microsoft Teams Meetings


how to change background in microsoft teams

First impressions matter, even in the digital world. In today’s video-first work culture, a professional background during your Team meetings can make a significant difference.

Whether you’re presenting to your boss, interviewing for a new position, or collaborating with colleagues, a polished backdrop can project an image of confidence and competence.

Most people would focus on getting their image polished for a meeting, wearing even suits and ties or dresses, there is one element that is not that easy to prepare before a meeting: our backgrounds.

If you’ve ever been concerned about being evaluated by the messy shelves behind you, or if you simply want to avoid distractions, understanding how to change your background can make a huge difference.

This blog post will unveil the secrets of customizing your Teams background, allowing you to present yourself with poise and professionalism, no matter your actual surroundings.

How Do Backgrounds Work in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams backgrounds serve as choices for replacing specific backgrounds during a video call. MS Teams recognizes individuals on a screen and overlays a background around them to obscure their surroundings, automatically modifying the overlay as the users move. This is all done without using a green screen.

There are a few choices for backgrounds:

  • Blur the background so it is out of focus but not replaced by anything.
  • Replace the background with an image from Microsoft Teams, such as a professional-looking backdrop or portrait.
  • Upload a creative photo to use as the Teams background.

How To Change Teams Background Before Call

To change your background before the video call begins, you can follow a few simple steps.

At the start of a meeting, on the “Joining” screen, you can adjust your settings as shown below:

Step 1: Make sure your video is turned on

Step 2: Click on Effects and avatars.

Step 3: Choose “video effects” and you can choose between choosing a video background or just a standard image background from the Microsoft Teams background menu.

​how to change background of teams video call step 3

Step 4: Select your preferred video or image background and click Join Now.

​how to change background of teams video call step 4

From there, you can launch the meeting, and your video background will stay with the settings you left until you decide to change it again.

How to Upload a Custom Background to Microsoft Teams

Step 1: Click on Join Meeting

Step 2: Make sure to turn on your camera

Step 3: Click on Effects and avatars

Step 4: Select More video effects

upload a custom background 1

Step 5: A sidebar menu will be displayed with more options. Click at the top where it says: Add new

upload custom background to teams step 5

Step 6: Select the custom background from your computer and apply the changes.

Just like that, the new custom background images get applied to your video call. There’s no need to use a green screen or anything similar.

The highly trained intelligent model will immediately distinguish you from your surroundings.

Remember that you can “blur” your background, but this does not appear as good as a photo from a virtual background.

How to Change the Meeting Background During a Call

During a meeting, you can also switch to a different, more professional-looking background in Microsoft Teams. The procedures outlined below describe how to alter the background in Microsoft Teams in such scenarios:

Step 1: Start/Join a Meeting

Join any meeting that you have on your calendar or start a new one.

To start a meeting

  1. Choose a team you belong to
  2. Click the toggle at the top right corner. This will display the options: meet now and schedule a meeting.
change meeting background during a call step 1

Step 2: Open the background settings pane

While in an ongoing meeting, click the More actions icon in the top-right corner of the meeting settings menu, and then select Video effects and settings from the menu that displays.

change meeting background during a call step 2

Step 3: Change the background.

Select an image from the Background settings window on the right, then click Apply at the bottom to save the changes.

change meeting background during a call step 3

Does Microsoft Teams Have a Background Blur Feature?

Yes, Microsoft Teams allows you to blur your background to make your video calls more professional.

To blur your background, follow these steps:

How to blur Background on Microsoft Teams

How to blur the background before a call

Step 1: Join or start a new meeting.

Step 2: Turn on your camera

Step 3: Click on Effects and avatars

Step 4: Click the button that says “standard blur”

how to blur meeting background step 4

After clicking, Microsoft applies the blur effect to your background automatically. Then you can simply join your meeting. This effect will continue for future meetings until you decide to change your background settings again.

How to blur the background during a call

Logically, the first thing to make sure is to be on an ongoing video call already. While on an ongoing call, locate the meeting settings pane and follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open the background settings pane

Click the More actions icon from the top-right area in the meeting settings menu, and click video effects and settings. Click on video effects and select standard blur.

how to blur meeting background during call step 1

Step 2: Apply settings

You can then preview the effect. Click Apply now and the blur effect will be applied to your call.

No more distractions! Your coworkers and clients may focus on your ideas and contributions. It provides a sleek and distraction-free atmosphere for communication.

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