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IT Support for Law Firms In Mississauga

Our managed IT support and services for law firms in Mississauga have helped many law firms significantly, so we’re confident they’ll work for you too.

At Wingman Solutions, we aim to ensure that every member of your firm receives the dedicated attention they deserve.

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Our Priorities As Your Mississauga Law Firm Managed IT Services Provider

Help you free up your staff to work on more important and profitable projects

To enable your firm to manage legal apps remotely and automate key processes

To ensure that ensure that every member of your firm receives the dedicated attention they deserve.

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Legal Managed IT Services for Law Firms in Mississauga

We’ve assembled some of the most popular managed services for law firms that every company in the sector should consider getting:

Data Security

When looking into managed support services for law firms, prioritize data security.

Our legal managed support services offer a dedicated team to manage your data safety comprehensively.

Business Continuity

For firms holding sensitive data, disaster recovery is vital.

Daily or more frequent server backups are essential for safeguarding client information.

Helpdesk Support

Utilizing managed services for law firms also grants access to prompt and effective help desk support, minimizing disruptions and expenses associated with IT system problems, benefiting both you and your clients.

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What Can Our Managed IT Services Do For Your Law Firm?

One of the most significant industries on the global market is legal services.

Those who closely monitor the sector anticipate rising demand for legal services to remain a feature of the scene.

We also know that you don’t want to be bothered with IT issues when you could be focusing on your clients, cases, and other important things.

That is why we offer our Managed IT services for law firm’s package to support.

If you choose this option, Wingman Solutions will handle all the technical aspects of your law firm’s IT infrastructure, including hardware maintenance and upgrades, software installation, data backup and recovery, and much more.

We understand the importance of keeping client data safe.

There’s no doubt that lawyers must keep their clients’ data secure at all times.

That’s why many firms have implemented cloud-based solutions for storing sensitive information like contracts or confidential emails between clients and employees.

Benefits Of Managed Services For Law Firms

Get customized solutions that align with your objectives.

Managed services provide scalability for law firms of all sizes. If your firm is growing and needs more IT support, a service provider can quickly scale up its resources to meet your technological demands.

With managed services, there’s no need to worry about setting up email accounts or configuring printers in each office location for the document. The best part is that you don’t need to find any documents, they will be stored on the cloud.

Managed services providers ensure that your law firm systems are able to maintain compliance requirements up-to-date and keep up with industry standards and regulations, including those for security and privacy.

When you have a dedicated team monitoring your network on a regular basis, they can identify potential issues before they impact you or your clients, allowing them to fix problems before they escalate into major issues that require costly repairs or replacement equipment.

Get Your Law Firm Equipped With These Support Services

Our commitment to providing top-tier IT support extends to the software you rely on daily. We offer comprehensive support for a wide range of industry-specific software applications, including:

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring detects possible concerns preemptively by detecting unusual network activity, while proficient service providers ensure swift issue resolution to prevent computer system downtime worries.

End-User Training

Effective network security against ransomware attacks hinges on training end users. Wingman Solutions provides security awareness and continuous education on cutting-edge technology and cloud storage solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to strict regulations, lawyers must maintain client file confidentiality and separation. This practice restricts access to authorized personnel in accordance with varying provincial rules.

Team Collaboration

Microsoft 365 enables effortless document management with clients and colleagues, accessible from anywhere due to secure cloud storage.

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Why You Need Managed IT Services for Law Firms

Improved uptime

With a dedicated team of experts handling your IT systems, downtime or failure is less likely. If a server goes down or there is another issue that could cause problems with your practice, it will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by one of our engineers.

Keep your customer’s data safe

You can’t afford to lose customer data because of poor IT support at your office building. If something goes wrong with this aspect of your business, there could be serious consequences for both parties involved.

Managed Services for Law Firms - All You Need in One Place

We’ve assembled some of the most popular managed services for law firms that every company in the sector should consider getting:

Access privileges are critical to law firms because they allow partners and employees to perform their jobs without getting into sensitive information or having access rights they don't need. Managed services can help keep these rights under control by limiting who has access to certain documents or information.

Managed services also allow you to track and get reports on what is happening with your technology so that any problems can be identified quickly and fixed before they affect other areas of your business or cause issues with compliance requirements (such as PIPEDA).

Data Security is a growing concern for law firms and companies across all industries. Lawyers use information technology to store delicate customer data and other private information, so they must take steps to protect against cyberattacks.

Cloud computing stores data online rather than locally on devices such as computers or smartphones. Some firms have already started moving their database offsite by storing it on servers operated by third-party companies in secure facilities rather than keeping everything onsite at their offices.

Technology has changed how we work today, and the legal industry is no exception to this trend. The use of automation in the legal sector has improved significantly in recent years, with many firms now using it for basic administrative tasks such as case management and legal research.

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You Need Our Services If

Looking for Custom IT Services For Your Legal Firm?

If you are one of many legal professionals with limited IT support and resources, looking to hire an outside MSP like us to handle your firm’s IT needs may be the answer. At Wingman Solutions, we can provide you with the dependable IT support for law firms that your business needs.  Our cloud services range from antivirus software to cloud solutions.

Managed IT services for law firms are a reliable, and cost-effective IT solution. Add to that the peace of mind of knowing our experienced team of experts covers your most vital business functions, and you have a real winning combination. 

Need Custom IT Support For Law Firms?

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