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Microsoft 365 Consulting In Mississauga

At Wingman Solutions, we deliver Microsoft 365 Support to businesses in the Greater Toronto Area to help them improve collaboration and enhance business process across your entire organization.

Achieve efficient collaboration and communication with our Microsoft 365 Consulting Services.

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Our Priorities As Your Microsoft 365 Consulting Services Provider

To focus on the execution, adoption, and extension of Microsoft 365 to create a productive digital workplace aligned with your business goals.

Provide you with swift communications solutions to your business challenge and boost your business productivity.

Ensure the availability of collaboration solutions to your business needs and keep your employees securely connected across your organization.

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How Can Our Microsoft 365 Services Help Grow Your Business

As a trusted Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams partner, we enable small businesses in Mississauga to transform their staff into a modern, high-performing digital workforce to achieve maximum efficiency and increased productivity.

We make your critical tasks like processing data, finding and sharing information, evaluating files, and communicating with colleagues easier and more efficient.

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Boost Enterprise Mobility

Engaging with a cloud service provider will bring you more flexibility than traditionally installed software on PCs.

With Microsoft Office 365 cloud subscription, you can get custom-built solutions that will maximize productivity and mobility.

With it, you can work in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint from a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any remote PC.

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Excellent Collaboration Tools

With Office 365, Microsoft makes it possible to streamline processes like collaboration and teamwork by providing centralized access to all cloud-stored files.

One particularly advantageous feature is Microsoft Teams, which allows teams to easily collaborate and communicate.

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Enhanced Productivity

With Microsoft Office 365, you get access to:

Microsoft Teams for communication and content sharing,

Outlook with its collaboration features,

OneDrive for data storage, and OneNote for note-taking and saving.

This Is How Microsoft 365 Can Help Your Business Grow

Performing a smooth transition to Microsoft 365 can help small businesses in Toronto enhance productivity and ROI.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service package that can assist businesses in increasing productivity, being more efficient and cost-effective.

Additionally, Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy to manage user accounts across multiple devices and locations.

This means that companies can easily add or remove users as needed without having to worry about managing multiple accounts.

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Our Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

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File Migration

If you are planning on transitioning from on-premises Office to Microsoft 365 you’ll have to organize:

When the transfer of your data will happen, what professional services tools you’ll use, and
whether your company has the necessary bandwidth.

Wingman Solutions will provide you with the right Microsoft 365 Consulting Services in Toronto, offering expert guidance with 24/7 operations and modern solutions for a seamless experience.

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Email Migration

Making the switch from on-premises Outlook to Microsoft 365 requires:

Shutting down your existing email service, setting up user accounts in the new platform, synching existing accounts, and reconfiguring devices for access. 

Wingman Solutions, as a Microsoft Partner, can make this transition effortless with their Microsoft 365 backup solution services. Your users will have seamless access to their emails.

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Data Security

MSPs provide proactive threat detection and response, as well as endpoint protection and firewalls.

They can also help automate security tasks, lower risk, and focus defences on the target of attackers.

Additionally, MSPs can provide best-in-class remote monitoring & management, data protection, and security solutions.

All of these services combined make it easier for Microsoft 365 users to protect their data from cyber threats.

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Data Backups

Data stored on-premises or in the cloud can still be vulnerable, so it’s important to backup your all your data for compliance and safety purposes.

Wingman Solutions’ Microsoft 365 data protection in Mississauga offers regular backups to all data stored in the cloud, which is monitored for success.

This allows for ultimate data recoverability if needed.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Teams improves productivity by providing a unified interface for conversations, chats, online meetings, shared files, power apps, and tasks – all in one place.

Plus, it offers integration with a wide range of third-party applications.



It enables users to access their hosted files from any online browser or mobile device, giving more freedom and flexibility.

OneDrive’s framework makes it simple for employees to share data, provide suggestions, and keep track of file version history.



SharePoint offers unmatched flexibility, allowing administrators to assign different levels of permissions depending on the end user status.

It can be used as an intranet – a company’s internal website – to share information, schedule tasks, and more.

Microsoft Defender For Office 365 Keeps Your Data Safe

This cloud-based system includes email filtering and investigative tools that can aid in the mitigation of email communication dangers.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 helps protect against phishing attempts, email-based malware assaults, and account takeover of corporate email accounts.

This Microsoft security service contains tools for filtering, hunting, remediation, and investigation.

It is linked to a Microsoft database that analyzes your correspondence and determines the likelihood of a link or file being a virus.

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Benefits Of Getting Our Microsoft 365 Support Services

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Modern Workforce

Transform your organization into a modern workforce with our Microsoft 365 migration support.

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Automated Updates

Your business can get built-in security and manageable ongoing cloud updates with our cloud solutions.


Get Expert Help

Get easy access to IT expertise. Your IT infrastructure will be managed and protected by seasoned professionals.

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Enhanced Flexibility

Stay connected to your organization anywhere, anytime, with reliable collaboration solutions.

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Cost Savings

With Office 365, you are able to eliminate both the financial cost and the physical space of an in-house server. 

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Reduce Downtime

With our Microsoft 365 backup solution, all your infrastructure will be handled at Microsoft’s end, and you can get 99.9% uptime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your company’s requirements and preferences should be taken into account when comparing Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365.

Powerful programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are available as part of the extensive suite of productivity tools offered by Microsoft 365, which is used by many enterprises all over the world.

Google Workspace, on the other hand, offers a simpler, more approachable user interface with seamless interaction between Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The decision between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace ultimately comes down to your unique needs, financial situation, and level of comfort with each platform.

It is advisable to compare the two choices and select the one that most closely fits the objectives and operational procedures of your company.

When comparing SharePoint vs OneDrive, it’s important to understand their distinct purposes and features.

Primarily designed for collaboration within teams and organizations, SharePoint document management offers customizable team sites, advanced permission settings, and workflow automation capabilities.

On the other hand, OneDrive serves as a personal cloud storage solution, allowing individual users to store, sync, and share files across devices.

While both platforms enable file sharing and storage, the choice between SharePoint vs OneDrive largely depends on your specific needs: SharePoint is best for team collaboration, whereas OneDrive is ideal for personal file storage and sharing.

You may have to ask your self the right questions to evaluate your requirements to determine which platform suits your organization better. For example: Is OneDrive secure for business? 

Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive suite of security features designed to protect your organization’s data and infrastructure.

One key component is the Multi-Factor Authentication security feature, which adds an extra layer of identity protection by requiring users to provide additional verification methods, such as a code sent to their mobile device, before accessing sensitive information.

Other essential security features in Microsoft 365 include:

  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to guard against phishing, malware, and other cyber threats.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for detecting and preventing inappropriate sharing of sensitive information.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) to secure and manage devices accessing your organization’s data.

These features, combined with regular security updates and backup restore tests, help ensure a safe environment for your business while using Microsoft 365 services.

At Wingman Solutions, we can provide your small business with a professional Microsoft 365 subscription.

Our team will help you select the perfect plan, provide a smooth onboarding experience, and deliver ongoing assistance to maximize your investment.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your office tasks or enhance remote work capabilities, Wingman Solutions is your trusted partner in maximizing the benefits of a Microsoft subscription Mississauga.

Simple, contact Wingman Solutions to get Microsoft 365 support in Toronto. Our expert team specializes in providing top-notch assistance for all your Microsoft Office 365 needs.

Whether you require troubleshooting, setup guidance, or ongoing management, our Toronto Microsoft 365 support services have you covered.

With a focus on delivering tailored solutions, we’re here to ensure your Microsoft 365 experience is seamless and efficient.

Reach out to Wingman Solutions for dedicated Toronto Microsoft 365 support that keeps your business operations running smoothly.

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Need Custom Microsoft 365 Services?

At Wingman Solutions, we understand the importance of having reliable and secure Microsoft 365 consulting services. Our experienced professionals are capable to provide personalized assistance with any issue you may have.

We offer a wide range of services including help desk support, troubleshooting, and training. With our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, you can be sure that your business will get the best possible support when it comes to Microsoft 365.

Contact us today to learn more about our Microsoft 365 support services in Toronto!

Need Custom Microsoft 365 Services?

Reach out to us for personalized services and get a free consultation!

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