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Outsourced IT Support in Mississauga and Toronto

Outsourced IT services mean hiring an external managed services provider to handle your IT-related projects professionally.

At Wingman Solutions, we are prepared to handle a wide variety of IT issues.

From network security, implementation of operating systems, small business technology evaluation, managing business processes, software installation, and backup of files to providing the best infrastructure solutions for better business progression.

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Our Priorities as Your Outsourced IT Support Providers

Proactive stance by identifying and resolving IT issues before they impact your operations, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Our experts offer strategic guidance, helping you align your technology roadmap with your business goals, paving the way for growth and innovation.

Access to specialized IT professionals is at your fingertips, enabling quicker issue resolution, fortified disaster recovery, and streamlined development processes.

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Why Should You Outsource Your IT Department?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from outsourcing their IT needs, but small to mid-sized companies might benefit the most because outsourcing saves the money and resources required to build an in-house IT department.

So, it allows them to scale faster by accessing talented IT professionals and focusing on its resources for core business expansion.

So whatever the size, challenges, and goals your business has, Wingman Solutions meets you there!

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You Need to Outsource IT Services to:

  • Free up some internal resources by offloading their IT support to a third-party
  • Stay focused on the main internal functions that can add value to their business
  • Work on the aspects that matter to grow their business
  • Reduce any disruption and downtime in their business operations
  • Stay on top of advanced technology for their business that can help them expand their business
  • Increase their staff’s morale by keeping them relaxed so that they may not worry about any technical malformation and can work in a stress-free environment

Which IT Services Can Be Outsourced?

Every company (small or big) tries to ensure that every aspect of its business runs efficiently, smoothly, and within the budget. But not every company, especially small to medium-sized ones, can afford all the essential operations to be performed internally, so outsourcing some IT services might be a better choice.

In this way, small to medium-sized businesses can increase productivity and flexibility and help their teams focus on prime projects, giving them specialized skill sets and better confidence. So, getting set up with an IT support company in Mississauga like Wingman Solutions can offer:

Many companies have a help desk, but the employees outside the help desk department have to spend a long time addressing the issues outside their work. So, it costs a company extra time and the potential of their employees, consequently decreasing productivity.

But guess what?  You can provide guaranteed service levels to your clients by outsourcing help desk services. Our dedicated IT team will address your network and computer issues; your other employees can be left to deal with the revenue-producing tasks.

Small businesses whose functioning relies on software programs can benefit greatly from software support from our IT service specialists. They will not only help you with the software installation and maintenance but also resolve the issues in case of any equipment malfunction.

Our IT experts also help small organizations troubleshoot, refurbish, modify, repair, and restore to ensure that your company infrastructures run smoothly.

Whenever any serious system failure occurs, you need immediate action to resolve the issue with minimal impact on users. This may cost you the focus of your team toward their prime task.

However, outsourcing disaster recovery can help your team focus on their responsibilities, alleviate damage, and keep systems updated as needed while letting the managed service provider focus on resolving the issue.

Almost all organizations have moved their business files onto cloud storage for guaranteed backup irrespective of server failure or local hard drives. A third party provides cloud services over the internet, like software, infrastructure, or platforms.

So, you can access them using only a computer, an operating system, or a VPN. With all the files backed up on a cloud, all of your digital files can exist as long as you need them.

It is not uncommon for small and medium businesses and companies to fall victim to sophisticated cyber-attacks. You certainly need to make regular updates to prevent any cyber-attacks.

For this purpose, you might need some technical experts to ensure that any liabilities to cyber-attacks are minimized – which costs you extra money. So, outsourcing IT and security solutions might be a better and more cost-effective option.

Outsourcing services can help your team through the trouble at hand when an issue occurs on-site. On outsourcing troubleshooting support, your employees will have immediate access to support from our information technology experts, who know how to resolve any issue that could arise in your company.

Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

Our commitment to providing top-tier IT support extends to the software you rely on daily. We offer comprehensive support for a wide range of industry-specific software applications, including:


If your organization lacks proactive information technology leadership, outsourcing providers can help your business become more efficient and competitive by leveraging advanced technological resources.


We conduct thorough technology assessments to identify areas for improvement in your agency’s IT infrastructure.

This proactive service approach helps us address potential issues before they impact your operations.

Lower Costs

IT experts command high fees due to the scarcity of their unique skills. The costs of retaining an in-house IT team can be unaffordable for small businesses.

Immediate Implementation

When you outsource your basic IT needs, the managed services provider can install any program immediately whenever your company needs it.

So, immediate implementation of the required tasks became easy.

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How Can Outsourced IT Support Help Your Business Grow

Wingman Solutions specializes in personalized outsourced IT support and services in Mississauga that empower small businesses with external expertise while controlling costs.

Unlike traditional models, our approach extends beyond troubleshooting. As your dedicated managed IT services provider, we craft custom outsourcing agreements, constantly monitoring your network for seamless operations.

Our services in Mississauga encompass benefits like information center management, application development, and IT infrastructure upkeep, enabling a sharper business focus.

This strategy yields fortified disaster recovery solutions, cost efficiency, and swift access to specialized IT skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

When estimating outsourcing IT costs, you need to analyze your organization’s needs as well as fix and variable costs.  Outsourcing your IT can vary depending on your business size and business goals.

However, if you have already done a cost-benefit analysis, you would quickly notice that the cost reduction of outsourcing an entire IT team is quite significant compared to the cost of preparing a single internal or in-house IT professional.

To put it into perspective, 53% of SMB owners say their IT costs put them at a competitive disadvantage when compared to larger enterprises. Small- to medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, can reduce their costs by outsourcing IT assistance to an IT managed service provider (MSP).

As you can see, the benefits you get from an entire professional team can’t match having a single internal IT person.

What if that single IT person calls in sick? Or that person goes on vacation? What would you do? You may need an immediate backup. But are you sure you’ll avail of the backup in time?

Many other costs are associated with an employee versus an outsourcing company, and those all add up. Thus, these are some aspects to ponder when considering outsourcing versus hiring internally.

  • Dedicated troubleshooting support: Outsourcing services can help your team through the trouble at hand when an issue occurs on-site. On outsourcing troubleshooting support, your employees will have immediate access to support from our information technology experts, who know how to resolve any issue that could arise in your company.
  • Access to qualified service: 

    For most small to mid-sized businesses, IT issues are secondary or tertiary areas of knowledge unless their business is directly involved in the IT industry.

    So, if you own an SMB and lack the resources to hire highly professional in-house IT experts, you can outsource IT tasks to an MSP and get qualified service cost-effectively.

  • Maximize productivity: Outsourcing IT tasks to a managed service provider can help your in-house team focus on more immediate concerns of the company. In this way, your in-house productivity increases remarkably.
  • Maintain a Competitive Edge: Just because you’re small business doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the large players. A larger corporation may have access to internal resources that a small- to medium-sized business does not. However, Outsourced IT Support can offer the same level of experience as a larger organization at a lower cost.

Yes! We are a Mississauga based company, but we serve several other cities in the Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for outsourced IT companies in Toronto, this is the place for you.

The most commonly outsourced IT service in Ontario is technical support. This includes a range of services such as help desk support, software installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, hardware monitoring, and more. Many businesses turn to local IT providers to manage their IT infrastructure due to the complexity of IT and the benefits of outsourcing, such as cost savings and access to expertise. 

The following case study will shed more light how how outsourced IT services benefit small businesses in Toronto:

Case Study: Small legal services firm who specializes in small businesses. 
Background: A small law firm focusing on family law that has a staff of 10 lawyers and support members. They deal with confidential data of clients and their operations heavily rely on the IT systems that store case files and communication. 
Challenge: The company had several IT problems including software failures and hardware malfunctions. With no IT consultant to help, they are struggling with these IT issues and getting their billable hours lost as well as losing clients satisfaction. 
Solution: To deal with the challenge of the lack of an IT support team, the company resolved to outsource the service to a local managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in the IT requirements of legal firms. 
Enhanced Security: MSP has been focused on building strong cybersecurity and privacy infrastructure to ensure that the client’s data is secure. 
Cost-Effective: IT outsourcing eliminated the need for maintaining the IT staff which helped the company to reduce the overhead costs. 
Increased Productivity: Attorneys could work fully on their cases without getting IT glitches in their way, thus increasing their efficiency and quality of client service. 
Scalability: With the growing of business, the MSP successfully expanded the service and addressed the increasing IT demands. 
Expertise on Demand: In addition to the expert team, the law firm was granted access to the cutting-edge legal technology and compliance regulations. 

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