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2020 hit everybody like a storm. It was without a doubt the year of survival. Now, it’s almost the end of 2021 and the mindset has switched from just keeping our heads above the water to settling down and seeking stability. What will 2022 be like? We don’t know for sure, but we can start analyzing the trends for the upcoming year.   

It is undeniable that technology will drive the means back to sustainable profits and economic expansion for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can compete, safeguard their IT, and increase profits with a good digital strategy.

Now comes the difficult part, and this is where CIOs are expected to deliver for their companies: building and maintaining a robust and scalable IT organization that can support the company’s growth goal while also being able to react fast if business conditions change.  

That’s why, in today’s post, we share with you the top 5 technology trends that we consider will be more significant during 2022, based on Gartner’s Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022.  

Here are Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2022: 

Generative artificial intelligence (AI)

Synthetic data is generated using Generative Artificial Intelligence to train models or to look for valuable products. 

Though organizations have been talking about generative AI for years, Gartner has noticed a surge during the last year. According to the analytics group, generative AI will account for 10% of all data produced by 2025, up from less than 1% currently. 

Companies will benefit from AI through its ability to produce content, aid with software development, and assist with talent shortages. 

Privacy-enhancing computation (PEC)

Privacy-enhancing computation consists of a group of various technologies that help achieve the highest level of private data protection. 

With consumer awareness of privacy on the rise, companies are wary of the impacts of data breaches or other privacy-related incidents. PEC techniques can protect personal and sensitive information, letting businesses protect confidentiality while sharing, pooling, or analyzing data, and Gartner expects three in five large organizations will put in place one or more of these techniques by 2025. 

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Cybersecurity mesh

The Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA) is an integrated method for securing all of a company’s IT assets, regardless of their location. By 2024, organizations that apply CSMA will be able to reduce the economic effect of individual security events by 90%, according to Gartner.  

Distributed enterprise

As most organizations continue to alter their hybrid work models, major technological advances will respond to continuous operating model adjustments. According to Gartner, by 2023, three-quarters of enterprises that take advantage of the benefits of a distributed enterprise model — which allows companies to function while the personnel is geographically separated — would see revenue growth that is 25% quicker than their peers. 

Total experience (TX) 

The value of combining customer, employee, user, and mixed experiences has the potential to improve company outcomes, therefore the whole experience makes a reappearance from last year’s list. However, businesses must break through these barriers and see the benefits of improving the experience of all stakeholders. 

How easy is it for Break/Fix services to adopt new technologies compared to Managed IT Services?

There is a constant battle between break/fix vs managed IT services and which one is better to support business growth. When it comes to adopting new technologies, managed IT services have a clear advantage over break/fix services. Managed IT services usually work with a wide range of clients and have the resources to invest in new technologies, making them better positioned to adopt new technologies. These providers have a team of experts dedicated to staying up to date with the latest technology trends and innovative solutions.

This team of experts also helps smaller businesses benefit from the same technologies that larger organizations have access to. In contrast, break/fix companies typically only respond to specific service requests, and may not have the resources or expertise to explore new technologies. While break/fix may provide a quick fix, they tend to not be adept at introducing new technologies to their clients. Therefore, for those who prioritize keeping up with the latest technologies, managed IT services offer more value and ease of adoption.

How these technology trends drive digital business

For CIOs and IT leaders, the top strategic technology trends will advance digital capabilities and drive success by addressing common business concerns. They provide a blueprint for distinguishing your company from competitors, achieving business goals, and establishing CIOs and IT executives as strategic partners. 

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