Top 5 Industries In Brampton And How IT Supports Them


Top Industries in Brampton

Look no further than Brampton, Ontario, for a bustling city with loads of potential. Numerous strong industries call the city home, and each one adds its own special character to the local economy.

We’ll examine the top industries in Brampton in more detail and comment on how they support the city’s economic growth in this blog post. We’ll also look at how managed IT services may contribute to the success of each sector and the role that information technology plays in it.

A Closer Look At The Biggest Industries In Brampton And Their Contribution To The Economy

Brampton’s booming economy has drawn well-placed investments from all over the world, propelling it to the second fastest-growing city in Canada, with 14000 new citizens added per year. Growth is predicted to continue through 2041, making it a desirable place for corporations seeking long-term success and stability.

As part of the Innovation District, the city of Brampton offers local talent development and support for entrepreneurs and start-up business owners at every point of their journey, including education, training, and reskilling as well as help for businesses of any size and in all industries.

The Innovation District is a budding ecosystem that also provides services to help technology and innovation firms produce new technology.

The 5 Biggest Industries In Brampton And How They Use IT To Thrive

From state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to being home to the largest inland port, these 5 industries in Brampton are using their places of business to keep Ontario’s economy strong.

1. Advanced Manufacturing

Brampton boasts a high-quality workforce, strategic access to the North American market, a dynamic environment for R&D, and a culture of high-quality award-winning manufacturing.

Brampton is well-positioned to meet the varied skill requirements of the advanced manufacturing sector thanks to its proximity to 21 neighboring universities and colleges and its award-winning Sheridan Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technology (CAMDT).

In order to deal with their supply chain management and keep the security of their internal systems, manufacturing facilities employ IT support in Brampton that helps them handle their IT requirements.

Brampton Assembly Line
Stellantis assembly plant in Brampton.

Image source: Automotive News Canada

Quick Facts about Advanced Manufacturing In Brampton

Advanced Manufacturing Is the largest industry by employment, accounting for almost a quarter of Brampton’s workforce.

Top employers: FCA Canada, ABB Inc, Armacell Canada, Velcro Canada Corp. (HQ)

Manufacturing In Numbers:

158M Consumers

Reached by transcontinental highways


Annual contribution to the national GDP

1,500+ Companies

Providing work for 30,000+ employees

Top EmployersInclude:

  • Stellantis
  • ABB Robotics
  • Magna
  • Almag Aluminum
  • BMP Metals
  • Brannon Steel
  • A Berger Precision
  • AFA Systems
  • SEW Eurodrive
  • Brampton Engineering

2. Food And Beverage:

Brampton’s food and beverage sector is a full-service one, complete with food testing, processing, and packaging facilities as well as transportation, packaging design, equipment, and refrigeration storage all located within the city, all supported by industry-leading technology, premium products, and rich agricultural tradition.

It is important to note that 8500 people are employed in approximately 300 companies in food and beverage manufacturing, thus contributing to %1.3 billion annually to the Canadian GDP.

Food and beverage facilities need the help of MSPs to implement ERP systems that can help them keep all internal departments connected.

Loblaws Brampton Location

Loblaw location in Brampton

Image source: Alumicor

Food And Beverage In Numbers:


Annual contribution to the national GDP

25 Academic Institutions

Offering agri-food programs

8,500+ People Employed

Across roughly 300 companies

Top Employers Include:

  • Loblaw Companies LTD.
  • Maple Lodge Farms LTD.
  • Coca-Cola Bottling LTD.
  • Give and Go Prepared Foods
  • Italpasta LTD.

3. Health & Life Sciences

Brampton is located in the growing third-largest Biotechnology Cluster in North America.

Brampton is a key player in this Ontario ecosystem, with access to research hospitals, clinical trials involving a variety of populations, and a wealth of young talent, all supported by helpful government networks.

With 22,500 people employed in the life sciences sector and boasting over 1,300 companies generating $12.2 billion annually through exports totaling a staggering $1.45 billion, Brampton stands out.

Many of these facilities require network security services to preserve the integrity of their patient’s personal information and lessen the impact of data breaches.

Medtronic Brampton
Medtronic Offices

Image source: HR Reporter

Health And Life Sciences in Numbers:

100 Biotechnology Firms

All within 30 min drive of one another

#1 Preferred Location

For pharma production, biotechnology, and R&D

50% Employment Growth

In the sector since 2005

Medical research institutions:

  • Medtronic (HQ)
  • Taro Pharmaceuticals (HQ)
  • Dynacare
  • Canadian Blood Services

4. Innovation & Technology

Brampton is on a mission to become a leading innovation hub in Ontario’s Innovation Corridor, a region that spans from Toronto to Waterloo and hosts some of the world’s most dynamic and innovative companies.

Brampton’s Innovation District is a vibrant and diverse ecosystem that fosters collaboration, creativity, and technology across all sectors and stages of growth.

Whether you are a student, a researcher, an entrepreneur, or an established business owner, you will find a wealth of opportunities and resources to help you achieve your goals and make an impact in the world. The Innovation District is home to:

  • The Centre for Innovation, is a landmark building that will offer a new central library, flexible office spaces, and digital creation and programming opportunities for residents and community partners.
  • The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs that provides mentorship, training, funding, and networking opportunities.
  • Sheridan College’s Davis Campus, is a renowned educational institution that offers programs in applied health, community services, engineering, technology, and business.

It is crucial for these academic institutions to have disaster recovery and data backup solutions in place to guarantee the integrity of their data in case of natural disaster or data intrusion.

Innovation & Technology In Numbers:


Companies in Brampton’s Innovation & Technology Employment



Close Proximity to Leading Accelerators

Like Catalyst Cyber and Toronto Metropolitan University

Leading Innovation and technology companies

Air Canada

Rogers Communications

Canon Canada



5. Logistics

Brampton is well-positioned for international trade thanks to its central position in North America’s transportation system.

Its largest inland port in Canada has advantages such as access to a trained workforce and free-trade agreements that make it possible for quick and effective freight transit and services. Rich in resources, Brampton has made a name for itself as an international trade hub that can quickly procure goods and services from all over the world.

DHL express Brampton offices
DHL offices in Brampton

Image source: CFMS consulting

Logistics In Numbers:


Annual contribution to the national GDP

11,000+ Employers

Providing 24,000 jobs in the sector

1.5 Billion Consumers

Accessed via free trade agreements

Leading logistic companies


M-O Freight Works (HQ)

DHL Express Canada (HQ)

CEVA Logistics

Indigo Distribution and Support Centre

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An Overview of the Cybersecurity Ecosystem in Brampton

Having a solid cybersecurity strategy is essential to fostering innovation and economic success as a result of the growing importance of digital technology. In Canada’s Brampton, the ecosystem for cybersecurity is expanding.

Together with Chang School of Continuing Education, Sheridan, and the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

Brampton keeps enhancing its position in Canada’s Innovation Corridor by giving training options in cybersecurity at all of its colleges.

Cybersecurity in numbers

800 jobs

Expected to be created from cybersecurity


Growth rate labour demand in cybersecurity

248.6 billion

The growth expected in the Canadian cybersecurity market by 2023.

Follow The Example Of These Top 5 Brampton Industries And Make Good Use of Managed IT Services

At Wingman Solutions, we will customize our solutions to meet your precise needs because we recognize that every business in Brampton has different IT needs.

We have a wealth of experience assisting businesses with disaster recovery and data backup management, as well as offering guidance on how to best safeguard your company’s digital assets.

Additionally, we offer cloud services that are at the top of their field, allowing you to take advantage of all the advantages of cloud computing without worrying about privacy or security threats.

Our ultimate objective is to support Brampton’s businesses as they flourish and compete on a global scale.

So get in touch with us and allow us to demonstrate how Wingman Solutions can help your business succeed.

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