The Top 5 Industries In Oakville And How IT Services Support Them


Top Industries In Oakville

Oakville is a growing suburb located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) on the shores of Lake Ontario. The city is a growing municipality with a population of 213279 residents. Its privileged location near the economic powerhouse of Toronto and growing and buzzing Hamilton make the city a desirable destination for important employer brands to locate in it.

In 2018, MoneySense Magazine named the city:

Best Place to Live in Canada, and

Best Place for New Canadians

This recognition only confirms the community’s life quality levels and supports the city’s vision of growth and expansion.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 industries that contribute the most to Oakville’s booming economic growth.

Growing Economic Sectors In The City

All the unique characteristics of the city make it desirable for many businesses to either locate in the area or seek to expand to it.

As mentioned above, its proximity to Toronto and Hamilton while evading the high traffic and issues of big cities makes it so appealing to many companies.

But the real gem of the city resides in its people. Professional, scientific, and technical services, as well as banking and insurance, all benefit from the labor surplus in Oakville.

When it comes to luring new businesses to the area, Oakville has a competitive advantage due to the skill pool in these knowledge-based industries.

Emerging Economic Clusters

Source: Key Industry Sectors in Oakville

Additive Manufacturing

Oakville is a Canadian leader in advanced manufacturing with over 9,000 skilled workers and many support companies in engineering, systems design, and technical consulting.

Advanced manufacturing companies in Oakville are a collection of businesses that support innovation and growth while continually setting the benchmark for others to follow.

Some of the key employers are Ford Motor Company of Canada, Collins Aerospace, Mancor Canada Inc., VAC Developments Ltd., and IPEX.

Life Science And Digital Health

Oakville is at the heart of an 80-kilometer-long life sciences corridor that connects Hamilton and Toronto.

Prestigious academic and research institutions like McMaster University, University of Toronto, MaRS Discovery District, and many of Canada’s top teaching and research hospitals are among the cutting-edge facilities found inside this corridor.

Nine accredited universities and seven technology and applied arts institutions, many of which offer advanced courses and degrees in the field of health sciences, are all within an hour’s drive of Oakville.

Animation And Gaming

Oakville is home to businesses involved in information and communications technology, as well as filmmaking.

Oakville has the resources—people, partners, and commercial know-how—to introduce the world to innovative technologies.

Some of the best talent in the world, sought after by large businesses like Disney and Pixar, is produced at Sheridan College, one of the world’s top hubs for animation.

Emerging Technologies

With active groups like Silicon Halton and Haltech, tech-focused companies like SoftChoice, and courses like UX design and game design at Sheridan College, Oakville’s tech community in particular is growing.

In fact, the animation department at Sheridan’s Trafalgar campus has won recognition on a global scale. With fresh talent graduating and joining the workforce each year, the school continues to offer cutting-edge programming in the areas of game design and mobile computing.

The Top 5 Industries In Oakville

1. Professional and Financial Services

Professional and financial services make up a significant portion of the city’s economic environment because of its proximity to significant amounts of wealth in both Hamilton and Toronto as well as its highly educated population.

With Siemens and PwC among the numerous large international companies with facilities in Oakville, the city has inevitably become a centre for these services, luring others to settle there and boosting the sector.

Maintaining data security and overall IT uptime is also crucial when working with the financial services industry. In addition to being good practice, this may also be a requirement of the sector to maintain regulatory compliance.

Employers in Oakville Financial

2. Digital Media, ICT, And Film

It makes it natural that Oakville, with its stunning lakefront scenery, would attract interest as Toronto and its surroundings grow in popularity as filming locations for movies and television.

The Trafalgar Road Campus of Sheridan College’s animation program is renowned for its excellence and has earned a reputation for producing exceptionally skilled animators.

Additionally, animation companies must ensure that their IT is in working order at all times, whether they are creating animation or editing movies on a cloud storage platform. If network downtime, for example, is not managed, these productions may fall well behind schedule. They frequently need Oakville IT support because of this.

Employers in Oakville Digital media

3. Health & Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology research is also growing in Oakville.

Prestigious academic and research institutions like McMaster University, University of Toronto, MaRS Discovery District, and many of Canada’s top teaching and research hospitals are among the cutting-edge facilities found inside this corridor.

Many businesses rely on Oakville managed IT services and consulting to make sure that their systems are secure and adhere to pertinent regulatory standards.

Employers in Oakville Healthcare

4. Advanced Manufacturing

In Oakville, advanced manufacturing businesses are a component of a thriving economic environment. These businesses are among the top advanced manufacturing companies in the world thanks to their world-class leadership, inventive production techniques, and product improvement.

These companies also need to keep a tight hold on their data since they depend on innovation and exclusive technology. The use of data backup and disaster recovery services in Oakville is one approach to guarantee the security of their data.

Employers in Oakville Manufacturing

5. IT Support Companies

With so many sectors expanding and thriving, they must guarantee that their information technology is capable of supporting their workflows and procedures.

That means getting a variety of support services, including: 

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