The Post-COVID-19 Return Through A Cybersecurity Lens


post covid-19 return

Around the world, companies are beginning to envision and plan for their post-COVID-19 business models. As operations return to full speed, the labour force will experience an unprecedented shift from their homes, back to the office. The future of work, as we know it, has changed forever.

The systemic shock arising from this virus has materially changed, and perhaps even disrupted, the landscape of the digital workplace. Management has acted as a first responder in this scenario by skillfully and strategically transitioning their teams to work-from-home technologies. However, even the most astute leaders will now face the challenge of managing and leveraging the complexities of their newly transformed digital environment.

From a technological perspective, businesses will need to recalibrate their IT infrastructures to ensure a smooth, efficient transition to workplace devices, as well as resilience from cybersecurity threats. At the same time, leadership should embrace the digital acceleration that the COVID-19 crisis has brought about. By leveraging agile and nimble employees who have honed digital communication and collaboration skills over the past few months, businesses can develop hybrid strategies for remote work.

We can see that the pandemic has generated both value-creation opportunities (e.g., digitization, automation, online tools), as well as significant security implications. To manage these outcomes, the need for analytical, technical, and IT support will heighten. We believe that a stronger-than-ever comeback when returning to work can be achieved with a managed service provider (MSP) leading you in the right direction. 

Back-to-work IT checklist

Opening your business after COVID-19 can seem like an overwhelming task. However, Wingman Solutions can support your business in building and executing a cohesive COVID-19 exit strategy. Our company uses great IT solutions to solve complex problems. A prime example is SentinelOne, an industry-leading, autonomous endpoint security platform.

Together, with an MSP, your business should actively work to fulfill the following checklist once returned to work:

Ensure safety across all devices

First, confirm that your employees are not returning to work with their personal laptops or storage devices (e.g., unauthorized USBs), as these could be carrying malware from vulnerabilities in their home networks. Next, as your employees’ devices are re-introduced to corporate networks, it is critical to employ an MSP to efficiently and automatically run scans and maintain an inventory of all devices, including unfamiliar ones. An MSP, like Wingman Solutions, can also look out for unmanaged endpoints to avoid any bugs or vulnerabilities from new devices.

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Secure your corporate network

Once your employees are back at the office, Wingman Solutions will be proactive and vigilant in monitoring, patching, and updating your business’s:

  • Operating systems and software
  • Security systems
  • Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions

The transition will also require the elimination of unnecessary or unsafe IT solutions that were suited for the remote work lifestyle (e.g., cloud storage, unregistered software). An MSP can help funnel all technical resources back on-site, while simultaneously saving your firm from avoidable IT costs and security gaps. 

Foster a security-conscious culture

As new workers are onboarded and current workers are transitioned back, you must strengthen your IT policies and procedures. Stringent compliance should be encouraged and reinforced. For instance, improve your company’s password policy by requiring mandatory resetting of all credentials once back in the office. Wingman Solutions can work collaboratively with your business to implement a solid security strategy.

The bottom line

Given the unpredictable nature of this pandemic, businesses should be highly adaptable and agile when it comes to working arrangements. Without a vaccine, companies will attempt to limit office density as much as possible in the early stages, likely bringing in staff in shifts or only when necessary. 

Accordingly, your IT solutions and security measures must be robust enough to withstand sudden transitions in your operations, as well as the economy and social systems at large. But, no matter the setting, we believe an MSP can craft a strong IT infrastructure for your business, both within and outside of the four walls of the office. 

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