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IT Solutions For Your Remote Workforce

We help small businesses revolutionize the way their organizations operate with simple and reliable remote working solutions.

At Wingman Solutions, we believe that working together as a team no longer requires being in the same place.

It only needs a successfully distributed workforce with modern and simple technology.

We make sure that your organization provides employees with the freedom to work from anywhere without affecting their productivity and efficiency.

We’ll be your remote working support partners.

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Our Priorities As Your Remote Workforce Solutions Providers

Providing full support to your workforce to ensure business continuity and deliver exceptional service.

Offering secure cloud-based connectivity solutions to help your business work remotely with no hassle.

Delivering all the tools you and your team need to work remotely and collaborate securely, productively, and effectively.

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How Can Our Remote Work Solutions Help Grow Your Business

At Wingman Solutions, we provide simple and timely remote solutions to help small businesses kick-start and adapt to remote work while staying productive.

We effectively manage and secure your IT infrastructure and enable remote work for your widely distributed workforce.

Our simplified remote collaboration tools enable file synchronization between multiple linked devices, optimizing teamwork and cooperation.

We bring peace of mind by providing reliable cloud backup solutions to avoid data losses while working remotely.

Application and Software Management

We help you choose and manage the right business applications and software.

We also reduce your risk of potential downtime and increase efficiency with application and software management.

Monitoring Software

We can manage and monitor your workforce devices, networks, and endpoints so that you can have improved security for the early detection of threats and reduced risk of data breaches.

Protection For Your Remote Workforce

We protect your remote workforce to help you grow with peace of mind. With our services, you can get simple IT solutions to build a strong foundation for your remote work security policy.

Efficient Communication And Collaboration

Microsoft Teams allows remote workers to engage with team members, clients, and project stakeholders through chat, video, or audio calls.

It empowers them to work synchronously with other team members. Users can edit the task list, update it, schedule projects, and more.

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Benefits That You'll Enjoy With Our Simple Remote Work Solutions

If you’re looking for a way to make remote working more seamless and efficient, our solutions have got you covered.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

Increased productivity: Remote workers are often more productive due to fewer distractions and a personalized work environment.

Better performance: Studies show that remote workers can have an output increase of at least 22% compared to office-based employees.

Happier employees: Remote work solutions can lead to employee engagement, higher job satisfaction and improved work-life balance for employees.

Healthier employees: Reduced stress from commuting and better work-life balance contribute to the overall well-being of remote workers.

Reduced travel costs: Remote work eliminates the need for employee commuting, reducing expenses related to travel.

Remote Workers And Freelancers Can Work Together

Our services are designed to facilitate collaboration and communication among remote workers and freelancers.

Whether your team is made up of remote workers or a mix of freelancers and full-time employees, our platform can help you bring everyone together to collaborate more effectively. Here’s how:

Our video conferencing feature lets members of remote teams connect face-to-face from anywhere in the world, making it feel like everyone is working together in the same room.

By allowing remote employees, their managers, and clients to indulge in face-to-face video calls, Microsoft Teams accelerates the response time.

Microsoft Teams helps remote employees stay focused on their tasks by allowing them to share the screen in an ongoing call, collaborate on the timeline, and follow the schedule as per their status.

Our chat and messaging tools allow team members to stay connected throughout the day, no matter where they are located.

This makes it easy to ask questions, share updates, and get feedback in real time.

Microsoft Teams allows remote workers to engage with team members, clients, and project stakeholders through chat, video, or audio calls.

It empowers them to work synchronously with other team members. Users can edit the task list, update it, schedule projects, and more.

Our platform allows you to create shared workspaces where remote team members can collaborate on and manage projects, share files, and communicate in real time.

Microsoft Teams Remote Working Solutions

Create And Share Reports Effortlessly

With Microsoft Teams' pre-built report templates, users can efficiently and seamlessly track the progress of projects, resources, programs, and portfolios.

Customize Project Insights

With Microsoft Teams, you can view project performance in a variety of ways. Access the list by date to visualize the performance of each task and assignment per project, or get an ordered list to gain better insights into status and workflow.

Centralized Project Hub

Remote employees can quickly access relevant and priority projects, as well as projects on which they have most recently worked. This gives them more time to complete projects with greater precision.

Video conferencing solutions

Allow remote teams to stay connected and collaborate in real-time. Solutions like Zoom offer features such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, recording, and more so that teams can easily share ideas and work together no matter where they are located.

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Who Needs An Expensive Physical Office When You Can Work Securely From Anywhere?

With the rise of remote work and advanced technology, physical office spaces are becoming less necessary.

Many companies are now opting for virtual offices, allowing employees to work securely from anywhere in the world.

This not only saves on overhead costs but also allows for a more flexible work environment that can increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Plus, with the right collaboration tools and communication platforms in place, remote teams can collaborate just as effectively as they would in a traditional centralized location.

It’s a win-win situation for both employers and employees!

Frequently Asked Questions

Overseeing a remote workforce can be a daunting task, but with the proper strategies and tools, it can result in heightened productivity and employee satisfaction. Here are some essential tips for effectively managing a remote workforce:

Establish transparent expectations: Communicate job responsibilities, deadlines, and performance metrics to your remote employees clearly. Ensure they comprehend their roles, objectives, and how their efforts contribute to the company's success.

Maintain consistent communication: Organize daily or weekly check-ins with individual team members and hold meetings to discuss progress, tackle concerns, and share updates. Utilize various communication tools, including video conferencing, instant messaging, and email, to enable effective communication.

Supply appropriate tools and technology: Provide your remote workforce with the necessary tools and technology to efficiently complete their tasks. This encompasses collaboration platforms, project management software, secure file-sharing systems, and virtual private networks (VPNs) for safe remote access to company resources.

Cultivate trust and autonomy: Trust is vital in remote work settings. Motivate your employees to take responsibility for their tasks and make independent decisions while also offering guidance and support when necessary.

Promote work-life balance: Allow your remote employees the flexibility to manage their work schedules and personal responsibilities.

Encourage them to set boundaries between work and personal life to avoid burnout and maintain overall well-being.

Provide professional development opportunities: Support the growth of your remote employees by granting access to training programs, webinars, and workshops.

Foster knowledge sharing and continuous learning within the remote working team.

Track performance and provide feedback: Regularly assess the performance of your remote employees and provide constructive feedback.

Recognize their achievements and discuss areas for improvement to help them grow professionally.

Build team cohesion: Foster a sense of unity and belonging among your remote workforce by organizing virtual events and team-building activities, celebrating milestones, and creating opportunities for casual interactions.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage a remote workforce, ensuring that your team remains productive, engaged, and satisfied with their work environment.

Navigating the challenges of facilitating a remote workforce, such as how we helped a small business become fully remote during the pandemic, might seem overwhelming.

However, with the right tools and strategies in place, these challenges can be effectively managed. One of the most significant concerns is security risks.

When employees work remotely from home, the risk of data breaches increases due to unsecured internet connections and personal devices accessing company resources.

Employers must protect their data by implementing secure networks and protocols that ensure only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

Another challenge pertains to mental health. Working remotely from home can contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness, negatively affecting productivity and morale.

To counter this, employers should promote regular communication among team members outside of meetings and provide resources for employees who may require additional support.

Lastly, managing a remote workforce demands transparent communication between employers and employees.

This involves investing in tools that enable seamless connectivity and collaboration, regardless of location.

In summary, while numerous challenges come with enabling a remote workforce, they can be tackled by implementing the right strategies for remote work.

By taking steps to protect data, fostering regular communication among team members, and investing in collaboration tools, employers can ensure their remote workforce remains successful and productive.

A remote workforce refers to a group of employees who perform their job duties from locations outside the conventional office setting.

Remote workers depend on a reliable internet connection and various digital tools to access work-related resources, communicate with colleagues, and collaborate on diverse tasks.

This work setup presents numerous advantages for both employers and employees, including increased flexibility, cost savings, and improved employee productivity.

Small businesses in Mississauga looking for support from Managed Service Providers to facilitate their remote workforce have various valuable solutions to explore.

These solutions include cloud-based applications that offer secure access to data and software from any device.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable remote workers to safely connect to company networks, as well as collaboration tools like video conferencing and messaging platforms.

By utilizing these resources, Wingman Solutions can assist small businesses in establishing an efficient, secure, and cost-effective remote workforce.

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive communication solution, enabling users to interact and collaborate in real-time. Boasting features like chat, audio and video calls, file sharing, and more, it's the ideal tool for remote teams.

Hosted PBX represents a cloud-based phone system platform that offers businesses an affordable method for managing their communications.

It includes features such as automated call routing, voicemail, conferencing, and more. 

Ensuring secure network access is crucial for remote employees who need to connect to corporate networks from home or other locations, as well as for individuals seeking guidance on how to protect online accounts.

Solutions like VPNs create secure connections between remote employees working on devices and company networks, allowing data to be accessed safely and helping maintain the security of your online accounts.

  • Email security: Implement email security solutions that can detect and block suspicious emails to protect your remote workers from email phishing attacks and other cyber threats.
  • User access control: Implement user access control measures to secure your remote workers' devices and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data.
  • Password managers: Encourage your remote employees to use password managers to create strong, one-of-a-kind passwords for each account they use.
  • Single sign-on solutions: SSO solutions that help manage multiple usernames and passwords simplify the login process for your remote workers while also improving security.
  • Data encryption: Encrypt your remote workers' data in transit and at rest to keep it safe from prying eyes. This will ensure that even if a device is lost or stolen, the data remains secure.
  • Conditional access: Conditional access ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information, allowing organizations to maintain a secure environment.

Wingman Solutions Supports Your Remote Workforce

Wingman Solutions recognizes the dynamic nature of remote work and is dedicated to delivering comprehensive remote work solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in Mississauga.

As your reliable managed service provider, we present a variety of services, such as cloud computing, secure network access, VoIP solutions, and collaboration tools customized to address your business’ specific needs.

Our team of specialists is committed to assisting you in overcoming the challenges related to remote work while ensuring the security, productivity, and efficiency of your workforce.

By collaborating with Wingman Solutions, you can confidently reap the advantages of remote work, knowing that your business is backed by state-of-the-art technology and top-tier expertise. Allow us to be your wingman on the path to a thriving remote work environment.

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