Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace – Which One Should You Choose?


microsoft 365 vs google workspace

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace — which is best? It is a question that many businesses have much trouble answering.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are arguably the most famous and widely used suites for business productivity. Google and Microsoft aim to provide a complete package of cloud-based services and applications for more convenient collaboration and communication through these solutions.

Google Workspace and Microsoft are both reliable, and powerful and offer many benefits. So, it can be tough to decide which one is the best fit and suitable for your business. Therefore, in this post, we will put the two productivity suites head-to-head in a detailed and thorough comparison to help you decide which one is the best fit for your business.

We will also explore the pros & cons of every product and explain why — and when — you may want to use one over the other.

What Exactly is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 Suite is a hosted, online version of Microsoft Software. Business employees and owners are familiar with the core productivity tools of Microsoft 365 suite like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In addition, Microsoft 365 provides SaaS (Software as a Service) versions of standalone applications for on-premises usage. As we said before, Microsoft offers a vast range of functionality and features — more advanced compared to Google Workspace.

And yes, while these superb services are proven, we leave it to the business owners to decide if these exceptional functionalities hinder or enhance their experience.

Use of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 blends best-in-class performance apps with efficient cloud services, device management, and sophisticated security in a single, integrated experience.

Along with access to other applications such as OneDrive, Microsoft 365 includes special upgrades to its classic Workplace tools. You may access the premium editions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint even with a free Microsoft 365 personal strategy.

Microsoft apps being shown on an Android phone.
Microsoft offers a vast range of functionality and features

What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is the new productivity toolkit of Google. It brings many incredible G Suite tools, including Docs, Meet, Slides, Sites, Sheets, Forms, Drive, Currents, Forms, Gmail, Keep, and Calendar – even closer together.

To comprehend what’s changed, we can easily have a look at the G Suite history. Plus, it’s also an updated one—moreover, G Suite was re-streamlined and rebranded into Google Workspace for primary productivity needs.

Its outstanding collaboration tools between teammates and desktop apps set Google Workspace apart from G Suite. And Google Workspace plans also help you in doing more with all your colleagues by running and opening even a few tasks.

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Use of Google Workspace Suite

Google Workspace users get more control and features to secure data and documents. Its advanced features and programs make the teams faster and more collaborative. Some common apps or products are Gmail, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Chat, Google Cloud Search, and others. Such apps work in a way that they provide a consistent experience across devices, provide AI-powered productivity and insights, preserve business data with Google Vault, collaborate in real-time, and store and share unlimited files via Google Drive.

Which One is More Secure?

Both Microsoft Office apps and Google Workspace are regularly updated, which keeps them secure. Google Workspace is built on top of the cloud infrastructure of Google, so likewise, it uses the same levels of security as used by Google itself. Whereas Microsoft 365 enables Multiple Factor Authentication for all user passwords. We can say that both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace work efficiently with various devices, but some fascinating features of Microsoft 365 set it apart!

Monitor over a desk showing the image of a river.
Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are regularly updated, which keeps them secure.

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Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365


Quantitative research by Google revealed that “while both Google Workspace and Microsoft suites have a positive impact in the collaboration area, Google Workspace drove larger impacts consistently, & sometimes by a considerably sizable margin.

Google Workspace Apps

Google Workspace apps, like Sheets and Slides, are available as browser-based web applications & their mobile phone versions.

Plus, Google does not explicitly provide desktop versions for these apps, but users can easily make their files for convenient offline access to work on them.

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace Apps

The most common question we hear about the two Microsoft cloud services (Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace apps) is, “Which one should I use?” Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Here, we will compare both items and explain what differentiates them. This guide is intended for the average user who wants to discover which one is best suited to the demands of their organization.

Microsoft Teams vs Google Meet

Microsoft Teams is currently a popular collaborative tool for teams worldwide. Google Meet is proper for online meetings, webinars, presentations, live streaming, and screen sharing. Various tools may be applicable based on your company’s needs. But Microsoft Teams is simple to install and add features such as audio and video conferencing, chat, file sharing, task management, instant messaging, and online meeting rooms.

Security in Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

Microsoft 365 business includes many crucial security features, while Google Workspace plan has cloud-based services and collaboration tools.

Microsoft 365 business is an enterprise solution that provides customers from various industries with some of the best security features and other advanced technologies. This program offers extensive cloud storage services to its users.

Is Google Workspace Worthwhile?

Google Workspace plan has been available for quite some time. Most people have used Google Drive at least once or twice while using their PCs. This software offers storage space and a cloud-based platform that allows employees to collaborate conveniently. They can access data online from any device.

Apple monitor on a wooden desk
Google Workspace is a powerful suite of collaborative productivity tools designed for teams both large and small.

What Are the Drawbacks of Google Apps?

● Google Apps are not free. You are charged per month for each user who uses them.

● There is no reliable method of backing up your data. When they erase something from your account, it is gone for good.

● You cannot change anything about the way your firm operates.

● You can’t change the app’s interface if you don’t like it.

What Is Google Docs?

In 2006, Google launched a document editing application known as Google Docs. It’s part of the Google Apps package that includes, among other things, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Drawings.

Can Google Docs Take the Place of Microsoft Word?

MS Word provides various features that are very helpful for more complicated, serious content and official layouts. On the other hand, Google Docs offers a simple platform format for normal word processing layouts.

It is safe to say that Microsoft 365 has its own unique place that no other software can take!

With Google Docs, documents can be created, edited, viewed, shared, stored, collaborated on, printed, and converted online from any computer or mobile device (tablet or phone).

Therefore, it all depends upon whether the requirements are simple or more complex. Generally, you do not need Google Docs if you have Microsoft 365 and vice versa. But you need Microsoft 365 when you need serious formatting.

What Are the Drawbacks of Google Docs?

● If you accidentally delete something, even if you only change the font size, you cannot simply recover that information.

● Unless you use cloud storage space services, there is no way to back up your work.

● You cannot print your document unless you use a third-party application.

Should You Choose Microsoft Word Over Google Docs?

When MS Word disconnects, you lose no functionality. But on the other hand, Google Docs has more problems regarding offline operability. You can easily use the words generated by Microsoft Word’s advanced features to primarily focus on the proper format and controls, sufficient flexibility over font styles, and improved graphic and image integration.

Woman typing on a laptop and holding a cup.
Microsoft 365 is among the market’s most popular and commonly utilized productivity suites.

Perks and Drawbacks of Microsoft 365 at a Glance

Microsoft 365 is among the market’s most popular and commonly used productivity suites.


● Productivity Improvements

● Based on the cloud

● Collaboration Software

● Privacy and Security

● Continuity of Business

● Accessibility and usability of mobile apps

● Connectivity with other software is simple

● Communication Systems

● Updates automatically


● It’s a bit pricier if you choose to pay monthly

● Issues of Compatibility

● Some Email Restrictions

Documents have become integral to every operating system as technology has advanced. It’s simply more convenient than keeping paper copies of crucial data. In contrast, many programs and tools exist for creating, editing, and modifying documents. The need is to compare and use these tools based on their functionalities to get fast and efficient results.

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace – Pros and Cons in 2022

Man typing on a black laptop
Microsoft Word is a potent document editor. Conversely, Google Workspace offers good functionality for online collaboration in Google Docs.

Pros of Microsoft 365

The top-notch pros of Microsoft 365 are given below;

●      The free trial is highly generous, and you can use Microsoft 365 for free even for a month, while Google Workspace provides a short 14-day trial.

●      The desktop apps of Microsoft 365 are typically more feature-rich than the equivalents of Google Workspace. The desktop version even offers an easy measure to group mail.

●      Many practical Microsoft applications are available — Stream & Sway — for which no Google equivalents will exist.

●      The participant limits of video conferencing are usually higher than the equivalents of Google Workspace. More advanced call options for phone call management are offered with Microsoft 365.

Cons of Microsoft 365

Some possible cons of Microsoft 365 are as follows;

●      Control and data privacy are not in your hands

●      Internet issues can interrupt productivity

Pros of Google Workspace

The top-notch pros of Google Workspace are given below;

●      The interfaces of Google Workspace are intuitive & clean and can load quickly as long as it is used with a strong internet connection.

●      Aside from entry-level plans, Google plans offer unique and smooth file storage restrictions.

●      Email archiving, legit holds on inboxes, site building tools, and eDiscovery are also available for highly lower costs with Google Workspace.

Cons of Google Workspace

Some possible cons of Google Workspace are as follows;

●      Redlining in Docs

●      Sheet limitations and functions

●      The complicated data migration system

●      It’s tough to translate Excel formulas to specific Google Sheets

MS Teams vs Google Workspace Feature Comparison

Microsoft 365 vs. google workspace applications offer a huge set of incredible features. Yes, some are pretty similar, while others are unique. Let’s explore some of the most exciting applications and features of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Illustration that represents cloud computing.
Microsoft gives more cloud capacity space by default than Google Drive for subscription starter plans.

Cloud Storage

Microsoft gives more space by default than Google Drive for subscription starter plans. Anyhow, Google offers better money value for the best subscription plans. Yes, Google shares the storage space of Google Drive with cloud storage to store files & email storage.

Additionally, if you have a storage limit of 30GB on Google Drive, but the email consumes a storage space of 5GB, you have almost 25GB space left to store different files. Plus, Google Workspace offers flexible options to buy more cloud storage space.

Rich Text Editor

The text editing of Microsoft 365 Google Workspace also has some differences. Microsoft Word is a potent document editor. This offers a massive set of excellent features and options, including templates & which are used to edit rich documents with different incredible formatting choices.

Conversely, Google Workspace offers good functionality for online collaboration in Google Docs when many users per month need to edit one document simultaneously. Anyhow, the set of overall features is comparatively smaller.

So, if you want to enjoy the ultimate capabilities to smoothly edit documents & work with the app installed on the laptop or computer offline, choose Microsoft 365 for the best experience.

Conferencing Tools

Microsoft Teams offers functionality for smooth video conferencing, customized workspaces, team meetings, team file repositories, video conferencing, and group chat per user. The Microsoft Teams functionality is richer as compared to Google Hangout.

Microsoft Teams is highly integrated with the best Microsoft 365 apps & tools like OneDrive, Outlook for SharePoint, Business, etc.

In addition, Microsoft Teams is the best successor to Skype, Google offers Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat for videoconferencing and messaging accordingly. Such tools like cloud storage per user are integrated with the apps of Google Workspace, but the main functionality isn’t as strong as Microsoft 365.

SharePoint vs OneDrive

SharePoint vs OneDrive, both developed by Microsoft, are designed to assist with file storage and collaboration. However, they serve distinct purposes and cater to different needs. SharePoint is a versatile collaboration platform that allows organizations to build intranet sites, manage documents, and promote teamwork through features like team sites, project management tools, and customized workflows. It’s perfect for teams or departments within a company that need a central hub to work together on projects, share knowledge, and maintain control over document versions.

In contrast, OneDrive is a personal cloud storage service mainly intended for individual users. It allows them to store files, synchronize them across devices, and share them with others. OneDrive acts as a virtual drive, enabling users to access their files from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s ideal for storing personal documents, backing up data, and sharing files with specific individuals as needed.

To sum it up, SharePoint is designed for team collaboration and structured document management within an organization, while OneDrive focuses on personal file storage and sharing. Both services can be used together to boost productivity and streamline collaboration in a professional environment.

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 – Which Is the Best for My Business?

You’re aware of Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace’s potential surge in popularity if you work in the corporate world or have a basic understanding of company planning and productivity tools. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, commonly known as G Suite, are two of the most popular productivity programs in the business sector.

Microsoft and Google pledge to give a comprehensive suite of web apps and services for better communication and coordination with the help of their productivity tools. These office suites are incredibly durable and productive and benefit companies of all sizes. As a result, deciding which productivity suite is right for your company can be challenging.

In short, Microsoft 365 is an all-inclusive go-to suite for businesses needing sophisticated, advanced, powerful features and security. Also, it has similar capabilities for outstanding productivity and collaboration in all aspects. And yes, the super cool Microsoft 365 business email apps and productivity are also perfect for your startup business. Right?

A woman providing training to an employee with a computer.
Microsoft and Google pledge to give a comprehensive suite of web apps and services for better communication and coordination.

Who Uses Google Workspace for Business?

A workspace is a free tool that is used by individuals all around the world for business productivity, including many large corporations. Thanks to Google’s office productivity suite, many individuals may simultaneously work on the same paper, spreadsheet, or slide deck.

They won’t have to store data, send email links, or keep track of versions. Users can also use Microsoft Word and save any documents on the Workspace. All these benefits make work easier for both large and small businesses.

Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams

While comparing Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams, the first thing you should keep in mind is that Google Meet is only for video conferencing, but Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one teamwork app with video meetings as a top feature.

Google Meet is preferable for small teams or solopreneurs that need video conferencing software with a nominal learning curve. At the same time, Microsoft Teams is the best choice for larger businesses or established organizations looking for a collaboration platform with plentiful incorporations.

Some of the Notable Features of Google Meet Are

  • 14-day free trial
  • Screen sharing
  • In-meeting chat
  • Whiteboard
  • Shared calendars
  • File sharing

While Some Features of Microsoft Teams That Set it Apart Are

  • 30-day free trial
  • Standalone chat
  • File sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • In-meeting chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Shared calendars
  • Planner app

 So, whichever app is best for your startup or business depends on whether you want software that offers potent collaboration tools or an easy-to-use, impartial video conferencing solution. But some prominent features of Microsoft Teams make it a better choice for struggling businesses!

How Did We Evaluate Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365?

When it comes to Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace, both offer comprehensive productivity suites equipped with essential tools for your business. Microsoft 365 consulting services can help you evaluate which option is best for small businesses by comparing factors such as:

  • Mobile apps
  • Ease of use
  • Cloud storage
  • Collaboration features
  • Customer support
  • Affordability
  • Browser-based functionality

Our in-depth comparison reveals that Microsoft 365 is often the superior choice for most businesses, particularly small ones. It provides remarkable features tailored for startups, small businesses, and solopreneurs, and its cloud-based software tools are ideal for today’s hybrid remote and distributed work environments with collaborative teams. Overall, there are several areas where Microsoft 365 excels!

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